Equiservices organizes national and international horse transportation, road transportation and when necessary air transportation, offering advice for all the documentation that might be needed. Providing its range of horsetrucks, qualified staff and assistance, planning the trip by taking care, above all, of the horse welfare.

  • Weekly shuttle Rome-Milan / Milan-Rome with fix fare per horse and opportunity to load and/or unload wherever requested.
  • International transport to / from Italy in co-loading or single: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France.

Possibility to combine the transport with a groom service (only travelling or for the whole event) for all kind of sporting events.

  • Documentation Import / Export ATA Carnet for access to foreign countries.
  • Planning and coordination of routes:Planning and coordinating routes: for customers already equipped with a vehicle, Equiservices deals with the choice of rest points, the best routes, providing skilled staff (drivers and grooms). You can enjoy special rates for all needs related to the trip ( hotels, planes, ships, vehicle rental). Many countries require special documentation or different requirements to transport. Equiservices assists its customers with great attention to detail with the unique purpose of a stressless trip for the horse avoiding slowdowns.

Five vehicles:

  • 1 articulated trailer, suitable up to 18 horses.
  • 2 trailers, suitable up to 10 horses each ones.
  • 1 trailer, suitable up to 6 horses.
  • 1 articulated trailer, suitable up to 7 horses that you can combine to all our trailers.

They meet the most recent EU standards:

Veichles Equipment:


Vector System for Real Time Monitoring via Web


Thermal sensors

that warn the driver of any abnormal temperature in the box and take action to correct the ventilation.

Rubber coating

The walls and floors of the vehicles are equipped with special rubber coating to avoid any injuries to the animal, reduce the noise and to improve the comfort of the horse.

Lockers for transport

Under the vehicle there are lockers in which feed and water and other horse tack can be transported.

Surveillance cameras

Each vehicle is fitted with l cameras. The driver can keep an eye on the horses from the driver’s cabin throughout the entire journey.

Partition Moveable

All partitions are moveable and fitted with headboards that can be closed or opened depending on the neighbouring horses.

System GPS