Equiservices with its staff and equipped workshop is able to follow its client in van equipmentconstructionrepairmaintenance of horse van.

Perform the steps in the process preferring the handcraft manufacturing, careful attention to detail, materials and design, as true craftsmen. This allows to provide the customer a truly high quality manufacturing.


  • Setting up and repair area living
  • Setting up and repair area horses
  • Restyling Van
  • Equipment and Repair Van
  • Maintenance and body care service
  • Wastewater treatment, interior and exterior
  • Mounting temperature recorder and ventilators, clean water in H24 area.
  • Reviewing and annual maintenance
  • Electrical systems
  • Certification and quality of work

Upon request, Equiservices deals with the removal of the vehicle.

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Examples of possible equipment

  • Area horses: Rubber flooring, fans, side and rear ramp, aluminum tank, Skylights, Partitions Adjustable Saddle Box.
  • Living area: Luxury coverings, satellite TV, sound system, DVD and flat screen TV, Microwave, Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, Leather seats.
  • Area bathroom: sink, shower, toilets, cupboards / shelves, electrical outlets.


allestimenti-van-cavalli-renautl-master allestimenti-van-cavalli-renautl-master