The Company

Equiservices S.r.l. was founded in 2001 in Rome, it’s a company specialized in horse shipping over long and short distances, international transport and national weekly shuttles, using horsetruck and air transport.

Archives for its customers all the necessary documentation and supports them in all kind of issues related to transport organization. It also has a long time experience in setting up, maintenance and repairing of horsetrucks, carrying out activities with highly qualified staff, technical facilities and a workshop storing all sort of parts as well as a Mobile Technical Workshop. Design and produce mobile tack lockers for riding equipment.

It is also involved in the construction, maintenance and management of teams and equipment/ truck rescue, stabling and training of horses. Selects staff and provides qualified and experienced grooms.


Main Staff

– Massimo Lambertini

– Francesco Lambertini

– Francesca Lambertini

– Sylwia Piotrowska Lambertini

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